One of our many services we provide in this sector is large scale fraud detection, AML and compliance across all channels for financial institutions and fintechs.

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Story Telling and Illustration

Our Health Intelligence team is dedicated to advancing Healthcare and Life Sciences with AI

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We assist Logistic teams create the world’s most efficient and customer-friendly supply chain, warehouse operations and distribution logistics


Our purpose at MadeinD8r is to build systems to connect for a better future by putting the customer at the heart of everything we do

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Our mission is to redefine how customers interact with insurance providers using AI

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We have a team of Experienced Graphic Designers and Motion Artist that can bring your ideas to live.

We assist clients to solve the immense information gap that exists in the energy industry

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Striking and powerful Mother Africa Vantage captivates you at the first sight.

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Hello we are,

Madeind8r (deighter) is a technology consultancy and development house based in London, UK. We excel at delivering technically challenging projects. Using modern processes, we work collaboratively with our clients in a professional and transparent way.

We apply AI techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to real world problems, from experiments to full product development empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy.




IT, AI, Animations & Web development solutions Ghana, Africa

Our Services

New Digital Agency


Fraud Detection

Detect fraud and receive alerts as suspicious events occur. Receive AML alerts in seconds. Predict threats and chargebacks before they arise. Expose compliance risks.


Web Development

We offer the most user-friendly responsive website design solution for large and small-scale businesses.


Big Data / Cloud Solutions

Deploy cloud services for availability, scalability and mobility. Leverage live stream data by organising, processing and interpreting results.

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Database Management

We assist in building pipelines for ETL. We help to store, retrieve, define, and manage data in databases


Robotics & IOT

we assist in building and automating systems that make life easier and help build a better working environment.


Digital Product

We strengthen your company and ensure you deliver on visionary and practical strategies.


How about
3D Animation ?

We have a team of experienced Graphic Designers and Motion Artist that can bring your ideas to life.

Feedback from our clients.

Madeind8r was unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted to build automated system for apprentice onboarding. Josh was super helpful and was able to set me up quickly, going above and beyond what most would do in his place. Anytime I need something Madeind8r has a solution for it, looking forward to working closely with them in the future

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Ashray - Whitehat

madeind8r is one of the best IT company I have worked with, they have high level of intellect, If you want to achieve your goals I recommend madeind8r for you.

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Joao, City University, London.

Our Partners

Your success, our reputation

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