We are a Data Science Consultancy focusing on the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in various industries such as Health, Energy (Sustainable and Renewable energies such as Turbines), Banking (credit card fraud detection), Logistics and Freight, News, and Media, Sports and Entertainment and many more.


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What questions can business intelligence and data science answer?
A data scientist or business analyst can engineer your systems in order to answer questions like these:
* Which customers are you most likely to lose? And why?
* Which supporters donate the most amount of money? And why?
* Where should we set up our next store/fundraiser/business unit?
* How do I better predict market fluctuations, so that I know when to invest?
* How do I better predict demand, so I know where to focus my services?
* How to detect and predict diseases in humans and plants.

Our Services

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Fraud Detection

Detect fraud and receive alerts as suspicious events occur. Receive AML alerts in seconds. Predict threats and chargebacks before they arise. Expose compliance risks.


Web Development

We offer the most user-friendly responsive website design solution for large and small-scale businesses.


Big Data / Cloud Solutions

Deploy cloud services for availability, scalability and mobility. Leverage live stream data by organising, processing and interpreting results.

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Database Management

We assist in building pipelines to for ETL. We help to store, retrieve, define, and manage data in databases


Robotics & IOT

we assist in building and automating systems that make life easier and help build a better working environment.


Digital Product

We strengthen your company and ensure you deliver on visionary and practical strategies.

Our Partners

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