Our mission is to redefine how customers interact with insurance providers using AI. MadeInD8r supports this mission by reducing the cost of ownership of our vehicles and improving the customer experience. The insurance data science team is responsible for building and maintaining our telematics and pricing models to accurately predict, measure, and price risk based on customer driving behavior.

Our Responsibilities
* Contribute to all stages of the insurance telematics model including but not limited to problem formulation, data pre-processing, features engineering, sample design, algorithmic selection and evaluation, hyper-parameter tuning, and deployment
* Partner with vehicle and data engineering teams on feature analysis across a broad range of fleet data and contribute to shared machine learning platform and infrastructure
* Partner with actuaries on incorporating telematics model into pricing models and provide documentation and support for regulatory approval
* Develop and maintain feedback loop to evaluate and refine pricing models based on claims and loss data and work with actuaries to file