Our efficient value chain and logistics save society tonnes of food waste each year and our distribution network replace almost thousands of individual trips by to the market each year by making data driven decisions. 

We assist Logistic teams create the world’s most efficient and customer-friendly supply chain, warehouse operations and distribution logistics. The teams build, buy and scale the systems that power purchasing and procurement, inventory management, incoming & restock, picking & production, terminal & dispatch, staffing & ops management, customer delivery offering, route planning, on-road transportation management and driver tools.

We build and deploy end to end platform on a unique combination of automated hardware, custom-built software, and of course large amounts of data and algorithms.
* Lead the transition operations of warehouse and 3PL setup: physical goods transfer, data and inventory validation, and accuracy, into SAP
* Update database of logistics suppliers and inventory
* Interpretation of logistics data: availability, reliability, supplier management, inventory, lead times, transportation and distribution, on-time delivery, etc.
* Prepare logistics KPIs reports
* Identify areas of improvement to optimize service and inventory levels, supply chain efficiency to minimize cost
* Analyze logistics data, using methods such as data mining, data modeling, or cost or benefit analysis
* Communicate with 3PL service providers, carriers and customs brokers.