Media and Entertainment

We are focused on developing and delivering services the team provides for MadeinD8r’s clients, including:
* Predicting the lifetime value of newly acquired customers and making this metric available in near real-time (so that it can drive advertising platform bidding algorithms)
* Determining the propensity for a website user or new sales lead to purchase
* Identifying clusters within a customer dataset in order to reveal marketing insight and define audiences for advertising targeting
* Revealing how performance can be attributed to the visual and auditory characteristics of display and video advertising creative

The Data Science & Tools team also provides services in studying advertising Effectiveness, in integrating and managing data, and in developing tools and automation. We expect that the whole team will work in a fluid, collaborative and supportive manner. Nobody’s work is tied stringently to a spec. Every skill in the team might be applied to solve each problem in Effectiveness, Prediction and Tools Development.